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Jonathan Amaret

Acclaimed Author, NASA Scholar and Founder of The School of Thought Mechanics®


For years, Jonathan has captivated audiences with his unique brand of insight into the mind and its relationship to the physical world, all delivered in his unforgettable speeches. His personal story has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs and professionals to rise to the top of their industries and improve their communities through faith and good works. These achievements have pioneered a new industry and garnered Jonathan a global following as well as clients from all walks of life including millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and royals.


Throughout his professional career, he has earned numerous achievements for his work with such organizations as the National Transportation Institute, Department of Transportation, FAA, U.S. Coast Guard and NASA, where he collaborated with top scientists, engineers and astronauts on the Mars Phoenix Project. He became a licensed pilot at the age of seventeen and has been awarded the notable titles of Presidential Scholar by President Bill Clinton and NASA Aerospace Scholar by Vice President Al Gore.


As the founder of Thought Mechanics®, Jonathan has served as a spiritual guru to countless people around the world – from those living in the poorest ghettos of Ghana, West Africa to the richest in Hollywood, California. Jonathan has transformed lives by bridging the gap between Eastern philosophies, various aspects of religion and modern-day science, offering the world an entirely new system of mind-mastery teachings.


“Your entire life is about to change in a way that will open you up to experiences you could’ve only imagined. The School of Thought Mechanics® is both a school and a gym for the MIND, the greatest muscle of all.” – Jonathan Amaret


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