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Jonathan Amaret

Is an author, NASA Scholar and founder of the School of Thought Mechanics®

His study of quantum theory has offered new insights into the psychological link between the analysis of sensory information and the behavior of electromagnetic radiation (wave-particle theory) when gravitational force is applied. The results of his research can be found in his courses. In 2018, he was knighted by the Catholic Church in Malta and received the title of Sir Jonathan for his philanthropic works.

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Scholar & Artist

Jonathan’s artistic projects have involved various Hollywood celebrities. 


His work with Palladium Industries and Fitzgerald Conservatory have earned ten nominations and two wins at Mercedes-Benz Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival 2019.

Projects With Palladium Industries

Collaborations With Hollywood Celebrities


Hollywood Film Star

Considered one of the Top 10 action-film actresses in Hollywood, Michelle Rodriguez is star of the #1 box-office film in history, Avatar, and the 5th biggest film franchise, Fast & Furious, which debuted a new attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando.
Palladium Industries exclusively sponsored Michelle in BASIC Magazine.

Hollywood Film Star

As one of the Top 10 action-film actresses in Hollywood, Sofia Boutella has starred in such box-office hits as The Mummy, Kingsmen, Star Trek Beyond, Atomic Blonde and Hotel Artemis.
Palladium Industries exclusively sponsored Sofia in BASIC Magazine.

Collaborations With Top Recording Artists


9-Year Anniversary Show at XS Wynn Nightlife – Las Vegas

David Guetta is the #1 DJ in the world and considered the “Godfather of EDM.” Palladium Industries exclusively sponsored BASIC Magazine’s Release Party with David Guetta on Memorial Day weekend at the #1 club and casino in the world.

Partnership With Marvel Studios (Disney)

Producing Marvel Merchandise
Marvel is one of the most popular, profitable and exclusive brands in the world. From its early comic book days to its blockbuster franchises, it has become a staple of Americana in entertainment. Sir Jonathan partnered with Marvel & Deseño as a creator and producer of Marvel merchandise globally.

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BASIC Magazine is a top art-fashion publication distributed in over six-hundred Barnes & Nobles in twenty-three countries around the world.

Jonathan Amaret is featured in a fourteen-page fashion editorial in BASIC’s Past, Present, Future April 2018 Issue which stars David Guetta.