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Attracting Wealth

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re new to Thought Mechanics® and are looking for a great place get your feet wet, this course is the perfect for you. On its own, Attracting Wealth will work wonders on your financial situation, but like all things, the more you know about how something works, the better your results will be.

For this reason, we strongly urge that you also purchase both Manifestation 101 AND Science of Intention together because they will help you to fully understand the inner workings of energy asit pertains to money and prosperity in all forms.

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“The reason you don’t have money is because you are AFRAID of it.” Thought Mechanics®

Did you know that your SUBLIMINAL FEAR of money is actually keeping you from obtaining an abundance of it?

YES, the FEAR of money.

As you’re reading this, most of you are struggling with money and finances. You make just enough to get by and give it all away to bills. Some of you can’t even afford to cover that much.

You have trouble getting out of dire situations like debt and it affects your sense of self-worth which only inspires your subliminal mind to be imprinted with a myriad of emotional traumas including a deeper sense of resentment toward money.

It is these emotional triggers surrounding your PERCEPTION of money that constantly work against you. It’s almost as if society wants you to think and feel this way about money to guarantee that the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich.

But simply knowing this isn’t enough to change it. You have to learn HOW to rewrite this subliminal programming within your mind. Then change starts to happen.

THIS COURSE will show you the exact steps to completely eliminate the mental and emotional blockages that you aren’t even aware are keeping you from attracting money.

These teachings were once reserved only for the Elite of the Elite but now are slowly being leaked to the public by individuals like Jonathan who has privately served as a mentor to the ruling class of society for many years.


LEARN the reason why you are AFRAID of money and how to overcome it

LEARN how the wealthy PERCEIVE money so you too can obtain moreofit

LEARN how to MAINTAIN your wealth

LEARN how to increase your LUCK

LEARN how to keep money from corrupting you

LEARN how the rich treat money

LEARN how to easily maneuver to the top of the financial food chain

LEARN how to increase your RETURN on time invested

LEARN how to significantly CUT DOWN YOUR WORKLOAD.

LEARN ancient mind-mastery methods of energy manipulation

LEARN the TRUE SCIENCE behind manifestation and the Law of Attraction

LEARN a powerful technique to FAST TRACK your way to success and riches

These teachings cannot be learned anywhere else in the world because the elites have never allowed it until now. The only reason it is accessible to you today is because society has conditioned most people to be so deaf and blind to the truth that most will automatically turn away from anyone willing to challenge the status quo.

If you want better, YOU must become better because you can only do from what you know.

If you’re waiting for some magical force to part the skies and deliver you a great fortune without any effort on your part, you’re deluding yourself and you are not ready to learn this top secret ancient knowledge.

For so long you’ve been asking and praying for an answer to your problems. Well, here it is.

You’vegot your life and the lives of your loved ones in your hands, but no one is going to make this decision for you. This is the rite of passage for anyone seeking their destiny.

YOU must EARN your right to have success by first making the CHOICE to walk in its direction.

“Success is like an automatic door, it is built to sense motion. Walk toward itanditopens, otherwise it remains closed.” Thought Mechanics®

Is it possible that this course won’t work for you? Yes.

BUT is it also possible that this program will change the course of your life forever and lead you down the path of success? YES!

So which will you choose?

Play the game as if you’ve already lost and save a few bucks and remain exactly where you are?

Pay the game like you know you’ll win and see firsthand how deep the rabbit hole goes?

MAKE THE CHOICE before the door closes on you forever…