Beginner's Manifestation Bundle Video Preview

Beginner’s Manifestation Bundle

Welcome to the Beginner’s Manifestation Bundle. This is the perfect place to start for anyone who is new to the Thought Mechanics® teachings because this combination of courses is specifically designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to get you started on the path of becoming a master manifestor of your reality and desires.

Manifestation 101 is the vehicle of manifestation and Science of Intention is the road. You need BOTH in order to get to where you want to go quickly and smoothly.

After seeing both of these courses, your life will literally never be the same again, and if you ask any of our students, they will tell you that the change couldn’t have come soon enough. Just read out testimonials.

You’ve tried everything else and it’s either not worked or worked within reason. Now it’s time to enter the real rabbit hole and redefine everything that you think you know and all that you can do. Today is the first day of the rest of your life…




Manifestation 101

Everything that you’ve been taught about manifestation by all of the other Law of Attraction gurus out there is completely WRONG!

By now you’ve done your due diligence and listened to the advice of every mainstream self-help guru out there, and yet despite your best efforts, have not achieved the results that you truly desire. Yet you’ve continued to flock to these same celebrity gurus despite seeing no significant change in your own daily life seeking that magical answer to all of your troubles, and they have gladly taken your money in exchange for their external solutions to your internal problem.

By doing so, they have entertained but not truly educated you. They have fed your ambition but weakened your resolve. They have filled your head with their rigid, diluted techniques and the promise of worldly treasures yet negated to teach you how to first find power and wealth within yourself so that you can truly achieve ALL things. Although their system for helping you is flawed, it has ironically worked wonders for these gurus in terms of profit. How else do you think they’ve made tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars from people just like you and yet somehow you’re still broke? Aren’t YOU supposed to be the one getting richer?

YES, YOU ARE! So stop beating a dead horse. Remember, not everything that glitters is gold, so stop subscribing to things just because they’re popular. Truth is NEVER popular, but in order to get to where you need to be in life, you need the TRUTH. Period.

It seems an increasing amount of people in the world today are struggling now more than ever and find themselves lacking in the very things that have unfortunately tainted the quality of their lives. Are you one of them? Do you find yourself constantly chasing
after money, health, love and peace of mind yet somehow never seem to reach or keep them for long?

The problem is not that you’re incapable of learning how to manifest things properly. The problem is that all of these so-called “self-help gurus” come from the same Schools of Thought that have been pre-approved for mass consumption by the ruling class who have hoarded away all of the true secrets behind the Law of Attraction. This is why you won’t find any new or revolutionary knowledge in what these popular gurus have to say. Unfortunately, they don’t even understand the SCIENCE behind the very laws of energy that have made them successful and so they are forced to conform to old and regurgitated rhetoric in order to explain what is currently beyond their comprehension. So in essence, trying to learn manifestation from them is like a modern-day surgeon learning how to operate on patients based on the crude medical knowledge of the late 1800s where pretty much everyone died on the operating table.

DO NOT be fooled, just because these gurus have become rich from their students doesn’t mean that their STUDENTS have done the same. In fact, when was the last time you saw actual testimonials from the students of these so-called gurus? Probably never. Think about that for a minute…

They claim that they can make you younger and healthier when they themselves keep getting older and sicker. They tell you that they can teach you to become rich when their personal fortunes are a direct result of them selling you tips on how to get rich. What good is it that they make you walk on burning coals when it’s the fire within YOURSELF that you haven’t learned to control? There are plenty of people who are brave enough to walk on fire or jump out of an airplane but who lack the simple courage to have an honest conversation with someone or even themselves.

Never forget that the more you use your physical muscles, the less you’re able to use the most important muscle of all, your MIND. The greatest growth doesn’t take place when you’re in action but when you’re at rest. The same goes for your body. You don’t build muscles in the gym, you build them while you sleep.

The more you hoot and holler and physically play, the less your mind gets to join in on the fun. And you wonder why you can’t “think and grow rich.”

The true measure of a guru is NOT in how successful he is, but how successful his students ARE.

Honestly, why would you think otherwise? And yet that’s exactly what you’ve allowed yourself to believe. Some of you have been following these same popular gurus for years and yet still don’t have the life that you want. You may think that you’ve learned how to set manifestation in motion, but no one ever taught you how to ALSO get out of Life’s way so that it can deliver to you what you asked to be manifested.

You keep thinking that manifestation is all about knowing how to drive the car. But everyone who drives a car knows that there’s a lot more to driving than simply turning a wheel and stepping on the gas. If something as straightforward as driving a car has so many complexities, why would you think that driving the vehicle of manifestation would be any less intricate? We’re talking about the laws of energy and the Universe/God here, nothing is ever black or white. Knowing the subtleties of life is the key, and Manifestation 101 is where you learn how to recognize and use these nuances to keep the Universe/God working in your favor.

If your goal is to live like the rest of the 99%of society, then by all means, continue to subscribe to the endorsed gurus of the 99%. But if want the life that the rest of the 99%can only dream of, and if you’re ready to live like the top 1%of society, then you MUST MUST MUST learn the true secrets of manifestation from someone like Jonathan Amaret who actually mentors the top 1%.

Just read our testimonials AND be sure to watch our FREE 40-min Manifestation Training Video!


LEARN what REALITY really is and how to change it

LEARN how energy really works

LEARN how to bend and properly work with energy

LEARN the REAL SECRET to the secret Laws of Attraction


LEARN feeling exercises and why VISUALIZATION will SABOTAGE you

LEARN how to REPROGRAM your subliminal mind

LEARN how to attract abundance immediately and maintain it indefinitely

LEARN exercises in basic THOUGHT CONTROL

LEARN how to align thoughts with feelings to bring about faster results

LEARN how to become energetically attractive to others in love and business

LEARN to overcome stagnation and plateaus

LEARN to dispel depression in an instant

LEARN to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles

LEARN how to beat the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME

LEARN how to overcome difficulty by breaking bad habits

LEARN how to get access to all of the resources you need right now

LEARN how to obtain the things you want faster (cars, homes, vacations, etc)

LEARN how to make your own luck and always win with certainty

LEARN how to become energetically stronger, faster and more vibrant

LEARN to see beyond the material world to experience the true value WITHIN


Science of Intention

Every vehicle needs a ROAD in order to get you to where you want to go. Without it, your journey will be bumpy and full of danger and you will eventually find yourself off the beaten path and lost. You’re probably feeling stranded right now or a bit turned around and no one else around you seems to know how to get to where you want to go. How could they? Most of them have probably never been where you seek to arrive. Some have the money, others have the spirituality. But you want both.

Is it possible? Keep reading…

If Manifestation 101 is the vehicle of manifestation then surely Science of Intention is the road. Itis a clear pathway that allows your desires to reach their tangible end and become reality.

At first your road will start off as a gravel one, but as you continue to learn more about the Science of Intention and how to build a better road, it will eventually become a street and then a highway and finally a freeway where your desires will be able to reach any desired destination in a fraction of the time. Which means that you will be able to manifest what you want better and faster every time.

This video course is the missing key to unlocking the power of all that Jonathan shares throughout his Thought Mechanics® courses, anditis a presentation you do not want to miss!

In this shockingly eye-opening program, Jonathan Amaret shares his more advanced ancient teachings on the power of intention and how you can literally rewrite your past, present and future right NOW.

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the Thought Mechanics teachings knows that this will not be some hand-me-down, regurgitated version of positive goal setting or any of the B.S. that popular gurus convince you will work.

These advanced mind-mastery methods have resulted in each of Jonathan’s private students reaching the top of their industries and amassing great fortunes. Some of these students include millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and even royals.

Even if you’ve seen all of Jonathan’s courses and are familiar with similar subjects, nothing can prepare you for the breakthrough you will experience with this course…NOTHING!


HOW TO access and REPROGRAM your subliminal mind

HOW TO mentally prepare for ACCEPTING prosperity in all forms

HOW TO make MONEY and succeed no matter what obstacles you’re facing

HOW TO use the TRUE SECRETS of Law of Attraction to get what you want NOW

HOW TO move energy in the direction you want it to go

HOW TO remove EMOTIONAL TRAUMAS from your subconscious mind.

HOW TO strengthen your bond with the energy that surrounds you

HOW TO attract PROSPERITY into your life every single day

HOW TO remain peaceful and optimistic despite life’s toughest challenges

HOW TO bend time and space

HOW TO literally REWRITE your past, present and future

HOW TO collapse the wave form fabric of physical reality with your THOUGHTS

HOW TO understand reality at a deeper level in order to hack into its primary coding



If Manifestation 101 is the vehicle of manifestation and Science of Intention is the road, then:

Meditation 101 is the fuel
Advanced Thought Control is the engine
Science of Sex, Intimacy & Relationships is the oil
Advanced Age-Reversal & Nutrition is the maintenance
Attracting Wealth is your air-conditioning.

You need ALL OF THEM in order to keep your vehicle running at optimum levels so that you can get to where you want to go in life in the most enjoyable ways possible.

So we encourage you to continue with your HIGHER education in energy work and experience ALL of the Thought Mechanics® courses in order to bring about the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

Just read our testimonials!