Billionaire's Manifestation Bundle Video Preview

Billionaire’s Manifestation Bundle

Welcome to the Billionaire’s Manifestation Bundle. This is the ultimate culmination of knowledge that has served and surpassed the needs of Jonathan’s most powerful and affluent clients.

So why do billionaires need manifestation advice? Well, because making money isn’t about making money, and anyone with money can attest to that. It’s about improving yourself and your quality of life through greater Self-realization. And the more you can understand your inner-Self, the easier it is to find your purpose in life and achieve anything you desire with ease and peace of mind. And that includes more MONEY!

This is what makes the Thought Mechanics® teachings so revolutionary. For years, Jonathan has served as a mentor to people from all walks of life including millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and even royalty, helping them to achieve BOTH material gain and spiritual health without ever compromising one for the other.

And isn’t that is the true definition of WEALTH?

Watch these courses to learn the secrets that noone ever wanted you to know and become a true Master of your own fate…




Manifestation 101

Everything that you’ve been taught about manifestation by all of the other Law of Attraction gurus out there is completely WRONG!

By now you’ve done your due diligence and listened to the advice of every mainstream self-help guru out there, and yet despite your best efforts, have not achieved the results that you truly desire. Yet you’ve continued to flock to these same celebrity gurus despite seeing no significant change in your own daily life seeking that magical answer to all of your troubles, and they have gladly taken your money in exchange for their external solutions to your internal problem.

By doing so, they have entertained but not truly educated you. They have fed your ambition but weakened your resolve. They have filled your head with their rigid, diluted techniques and the promise of worldly treasures yet negated to teach you how to first find power and wealth within yourself so that you can truly achieve ALL things. Although their system for helping you is flawed, it has ironically worked wonders for these gurus in terms of profit. How else do you think they’ve made tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars from people just like you and yet somehow you’re still broke? Aren’t YOU supposed to be the one getting richer?

YES, YOU ARE! So stop beating a dead horse. Remember, not everything that glitters is gold, so stop subscribing to things just because they’re popular. Truth is NEVER popular, but in order to get to where you need to be in life, you need the TRUTH. Period.

It seems an increasing amount of people in the world today are struggling now more than ever and find themselves lacking in the very things that have unfortunately tainted the quality of their lives. Are you one of them? Do you find yourself constantly chasing
after money, health, love and peace of mind yet somehow never seem to reach or keep them for long?

The problem is not that you’re incapable of learning how to manifest things properly. The problem is that all of these so-called “self-help gurus” come from the same Schools of Thought that have been pre-approved for mass consumption by the ruling class who have hoarded away all of the true secrets behind the Law of Attraction. This is why you won’t find any new or revolutionary knowledge in what these popular gurus have to say. Unfortunately, they don’t even understand the SCIENCE behind the very laws of energy that have made them successful and so they are forced to conform to old and regurgitated rhetoric in order to explain what is currently beyond their comprehension. So in essence, trying to learn manifestation from them is like a modern-day surgeon learning how to operate on patients based on the crude medical knowledge of the late 1800s where pretty much everyone died on the operating table.

DO NOT be fooled, just because these gurus have become rich from their students doesn’t mean that their STUDENTS have done the same. In fact, when was the last time you saw actual testimonials from the students of these so-called gurus? Probably never. Think about that for a minute…

They claim that they can make you younger and healthier when they themselves keep getting older and sicker. They tell you that they can teach you to become rich when their personal fortunes are a direct result of them selling you tips on how to get rich. What good is it that they make you walk on burning coals when it’s the fire within YOURSELF that you haven’t learned to control? There are plenty of people who are brave enough to walk on fire or jump out of an airplane but who lack the simple courage to have an honest conversation with someone or even themselves.

Never forget that the more you use your physical muscles, the less you’re able to use the most important muscle of all, your MIND. The greatest growth doesn’t take place when you’re in action but when you’re at rest. The same goes for your body. You don’t build muscles in the gym, you build them while you sleep.

The more you hoot and holler and physically play, the less your mind gets to join in on the fun. And you wonder why you can’t “think and grow rich.”

The true measure of a guru is NOT in how successful he is, but how successful his students ARE.

Honestly, why would you think otherwise? And yet that’s exactly what you’ve allowed yourself to believe. Some of you have been following these same popular gurus for years and yet still don’t have the life that you want. You may think that you’ve learned how to set manifestation in motion, but no one ever taught you how to ALSO get out of Life’s way so that it can deliver to you what you asked to be manifested.

You keep thinking that manifestation is all about knowing how to drive the car. But everyone who drives a car knows that there’s a lot more to driving than simply turning a wheel and stepping on the gas. If something as straightforward as driving a car has so many complexities, why would you think that driving the vehicle of manifestation would be any less intricate? We’re talking about the laws of energy and the Universe/God here, nothing is ever black or white. Knowing the subtleties of life is the key, and Manifestation 101 is where you learn how to recognize and use these nuances to keep the Universe/God working in your favor.

If your goal is to live like the rest of the 99%of society, then by all means, continue to subscribe to the endorsed gurus of the 99%. But if want the life that the rest of the 99%can only dream of, and if you’re ready to live like the top 1%of society, then you MUST MUST MUST learn the true secrets of manifestation from someone like Jonathan Amaret who actually mentors the top 1%.

Just read our testimonials AND be sure to watch our FREE 40-min Manifestation Training Video!


LEARN what REALITY really is and how to change it

LEARN how energy really works

LEARN how to bend and properly work with energy

LEARN the REAL SECRET to the secret Laws of Attraction


LEARN feeling exercises and why VISUALIZATION will SABOTAGE you

LEARN how to REPROGRAM your subliminal mind

LEARN how to attract abundance immediately and maintain it indefinitely

LEARN exercises in basic THOUGHT CONTROL

LEARN how to align thoughts with feelings to bring about faster results

LEARN how to become energetically attractive to others in love and business

LEARN to overcome stagnation and plateaus

LEARN to dispel depression in an instant

LEARN to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles

LEARN how to beat the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME

LEARN how to overcome difficulty by breaking bad habits

LEARN how to get access to all of the resources you need right now

LEARN how to obtain the things you want faster (cars, homes, vacations, etc)

LEARN how to make your own luck and always win with certainty

LEARN how to become energetically stronger, faster and more vibrant

LEARN to see beyond the material world to experience the true value WITHIN


Science of Intention

Every vehicle needs a ROAD in order to get you to where you want to go. Without it, your journey will be bumpy and full of danger and you will eventually find yourself off the beaten path and lost. You’re probably feeling stranded right now or a bit turned around and no one else around you seems to know how to get to where you want to go. How could they? Most of them have probably never been where you seek to arrive. Some have the money, others have the spirituality. But you want both.

Is it possible? Keep reading…

If Manifestation 101 is the vehicle of manifestation then surely Science of Intention is the road. Itis a clear pathway that allows your desires to reach their tangible end and become reality.

At first your road will start off as a gravel one, but as you continue to learn more about the Science of Intention and how to build a better road, it will eventually become a street and then a highway and finally a freeway where your desires will be able to reach any desired destination in a fraction of the time. Which means that you will be able to manifest what you want better and faster every time.

This video course is the missing key to unlocking the power of all that Jonathan shares throughout his Thought Mechanics® courses, anditis a presentation you do not want to miss!

In this shockingly eye-opening program, Jonathan Amaret shares his more advanced ancient teachings on the power of intention and how you can literally rewrite your past, present and future right NOW.

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the Thought Mechanics teachings knows that this will not be some hand-me-down, regurgitated version of positive goal setting or any of the B.S. that popular gurus convince you will work.

These advanced mind-mastery methods have resulted in each of Jonathan’s private students reaching the top of their industries and amassing great fortunes. Some of these students include millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and even royals.

Even if you’ve seen all of Jonathan’s courses and are familiar with similar subjects, nothing can prepare you for the breakthrough you will experience with this course…NOTHING!


HOW TO access and REPROGRAM your subliminal mind

HOW TO mentally prepare for ACCEPTING prosperity in all forms

HOW TO make MONEY and succeed no matter what obstacles you’re facing

HOW TO use the TRUE SECRETS of Law of Attraction to get what you want NOW

HOW TO move energy in the direction you want it to go

HOW TO remove EMOTIONAL TRAUMAS from your subconscious mind.

HOW TO strengthen your bond with the energy that surrounds you

HOW TO attract PROSPERITY into your life every single day

HOW TO remain peaceful and optimistic despite life’s toughest challenges

HOW TO bend time and space

HOW TO literally REWRITE your past, present and future

HOW TO collapse the wave form fabric of physical reality with your THOUGHTS

HOW TO understand reality at a deeper level in order to hack into its primary coding


You didn’t think twice about having sex with someone you knew you probably shouldn’t have, so why waste time in getting this course?

What you DON’T KNOW about sex is literally killing you and your dreams.

Now, what are you going to do about it???

Science of Sex, Intimacy & Relationships

Look around you. Everything you see was built on sexual energy. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the home you live in, the vacations you take, the places you frequent, the careers you choose, the lifestyles you seek and even the lovers you endear, all of them were consciously or unconsciously chosen with one question in mind, “is it SEXY?”

Sex is the most powerful tool you possess for literally rewriting the code of the electromagnetic matrix that makes up the fabric of reality itself. In fact, how else do you think you came to be on this Earth?

Indeed sex is akin to fire, the spark of a new beginning, the power of creation itself. That’s why passionate people are said to be fiery and creative people like writers, artists and inventors are known to be volatile.

Sexual energy can inspire revolutions like the Mona Lisa did during the Renaissance or it can endear the world’s heart like Princess Diana of Spencer did during her brief but notable life.

But just as sex has the power to create, it also has the power to destroy like a purifying fire, especially when left uncontrolled.

Empires have been brought to their knees because of people’s inability to control the sexual energy within them like Paris & Helen of Troy, Julius Caesar & Cleopatra, Pope Alexander VI & Giulia Farnese, King Edward VIII & Wallis Simpson, President Clinton & Monica Lewinsky and Tiger Woods & his ex-wife.

And for those of you who think that just because you’re not currently sexually active that the laws of sexual energy do not apply to you, YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN!

There is no escaping it, even if you’re a monk or a priest (nothing further needs to be said about the latter of these two).

Sex is everywhere from Elvis’ pelvic thrust to Rihanna’s racy outfits. It’s in the design of your iPhone, your laptop, your water bottle, the touch of a loved one and the flirtatious look you give to a stranger. You may not be able to see this energy, but you most certainly can FEEL IT.

The same is true of microwave or radio-wave radiation. You may not be able to see the waves, but they are definitely present and harming your body.

Why else do you think that you feel butterflies in your stomach or get weak in the knees when you lock eyes with that special someone? The energy of sex is very very VERY palpable and there are a million instances we can call upon to prove this as fact.

So when an energy this intangible has the power to weaken you so tangibly, you better damn well learn how to use it or you will always end up its victim. Period.

Some people are more sensitive to this energy than others, we call these folks the lovers or artists in society. Is it any wonder artist celebrities change lovers as quickly as they do hairstyles? But this oversensitivity comes with a heavy price because usually these types of people are known to be the most undisciplined, illogical and irresponsible individuals among us. That’s why you will always see celebrity artists in and out of rehab, running into trouble with the law and squandering away their entire fortunes.

Sex is a hell of thing to try to wrangle if you don’t know what it is and how it really works on a fundamental level.

So what if you’re not one of these lover/artist types, does that mean that you are immune from the obstacles of this overwhelming energy. NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

In fact, you have the opposite problems in that you are seen as too cold, apathetic, uninteresting, boring and unoriginal. You maybe more calculating, practical and sound of judgment but you also lack the universal appeal that endears you to others and allows you to actually create something new. Why? Because you like the fire and therefore you are too far removed from the power of creation, namely SEX.

But before you start trying to make-love to everyone you encounter, know that the energy we speak is much greater than just the one of physical copulation. The energy we speak of is present and available to you even if you never have a single sexual partner for as long as you live. Itis your birthright, your inheritance and the most powerful gift that you possess.

Sexual energy is literally what we call life-force energy oras Eastern philosophy refers to it, Chi. In fact, Eastern philosophy refers to the moving of this sexual orchi energy as tantra, which we in the West have come to reference with tantric sex, the art of purposeful sexual activity.

In the ancient world, sex was used as a way to open portals of energy in order to offer a direct pathway for things to manifest into the material world more quickly. This is why sex was always viewed with reverence and never done carelessly or outside of a bonded and loving relationship between two people because of the severe consequences it had. It allowed an energetic pathway for new life to enter the womb of the woman and give life to another being.

The overall energetic frequency of a sexual act depends entirely on the intentions behind the activity. When positive, it attracts all that vibrates equally to that energetic frequency. When negative, it attracts all that is dense in vibration and that is where problems arise because open portals of energy are exactly that, open doorways for any foreign energies to inhabit our minds and bodies.

Those who would abuse this power and engaged in illicit sexual activity would often end up suffering from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and various other mental and emotional illnesses, not to mention sexually transmitted diseases. Infact, a majority of the victims who are said to suffer from demonic possession also have some history of engaging in sexual deviance or suffering from physical/sexual abuse. Statistically, the group most prone to suicide also happens to be the group most identified with the greatest frequency ofmasturbation, teenage boys.

It was known throughout the ancient world that the more sexual energy a man expelled or lost through ejaculation, the shorter his lifespan would be and the more susceptible to illness he became, even mental illness. This is also why women tend to live longer, because they do not lose chi energy like men do during orgasm. But this also presents a challenge for women who seek to usesexual energy in order to manifest their desires.

All of this ancient wisdom may seem far fetched but science is just now beginning to discover the correlation with sex and disorders of the mind and body.

But do not mistaken the truth, SEX IS NOT BAD and should be enjoyed. But like most things in life, it’s how you go about it that determines your outcome. Even masturbation can affect your level of success.

The longer you negate the existence or importance of sexual energy in your life, the longer you will go without being able to take back control of your life once and for all.

So how can you learn to harness this great power so that you can use it to create the life that you truly want today?

The answer is THOUGHT MECHANICS and the course is the Science of Sex, Intimacy & Relationships.

Make no mistake, this program will not teach you to become a monk nor does it presume that you wish to live a life of celibacy or isolation. That would be boring, narrow-minded, presumptuous, naive, impractical and unnecessary to someone who lives in the modern world. It also does not teach deviance or anything else of the sort.

This course is revolutionary because it was specifically designed to teach you how to have the best of BOTH worlds, the spiritual and the physical, and to enjoy yourself in the healthiest way possible.

It takes some of the most ancient teachings never before revealed to the public and helps you to apply them in practical ways in order to significantly improve your daily life and move you closer toward your dreams and to God/Universe!


HOW to understand sexual energy and its purpose

HOW to generate more life-energy (chi)

HOW to retain more life-energy

HOW to use sexual energy to restore your YOUTH and VITALITY

HOW to recycle your sexual energy to keep you healthy and fit

HOW to keep others from stealing away your sexual energy

HOW to keep outside influences from manipulating you through sexual energy

HOW to BREAK FREE from and balance your uncontrollable sexual desires

HOW to use sexual energy to achieve WEALTH faster

HOW to redirect sexual energy to attract the love of your life

HOW to make yourself more energetically and physically ATTRACTIVE

HOW to extend your natural LIFESPAN •HOW to heighten your SEXUAL EXPERIENCES

HOW to strengthen the energetic bond between you and your lover


You didn’t think twice about having sex with someone you knew you probably shouldn’t have, so why waste time in getting this course?

What you DON’T KNOW about sex is literally killing you and your dreams.

Now, what are you going to do about it???

Attracting Wealth

“The reason you don’t have money is because you are AFRAID of it.” Thought Mechanics®

Did you know that your SUBLIMINAL FEAR of money is actually keeping you from obtaining an abundance of it?

YES, the FEAR of money.

As you’re reading this, most of you are struggling with money and finances. You make just enough to get by and give it all away to bills. Some of you can’t even afford to cover that much.

You have trouble getting out of dire situations like debt and it affects your sense of self-worth which only inspires your subliminal mind to be imprinted with a myriad of emotional traumas including a deeper sense of resentment toward money.

It is these emotional triggers surrounding your PERCEPTION of money that constantly work against you. It’s almost as if society wants you to think and feel this way about money to guarantee that the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich.

But simply knowing this isn’t enough to change it. You have to learn HOW to rewrite this subliminal programming within your mind. Then change starts to happen.

THIS COURSE will show you the exact steps to completely eliminate the mental and emotional blockages that you aren’t even aware are keeping you from attracting money.

These teachings were once reserved only for the Elite of the Elite but now are slowly being leaked to the public by individuals like Jonathan who has privately served as a mentor to the ruling class of society for many years.


LEARN the reason why you are AFRAID of money and how to overcome it

LEARN how the wealthy PERCEIVE money so you too can obtain moreofit

LEARN how to MAINTAIN your wealth

LEARN how to increase your LUCK

LEARN how to keep money from corrupting you

LEARN how the rich treat money

LEARN how to easily maneuver to the top of the financial food chain

LEARN how to increase your RETURN on time invested

LEARN how to significantly CUT DOWN YOUR WORKLOAD.

LEARN ancient mind-mastery methods of energy manipulation

LEARN the TRUE SCIENCE behind manifestation and the Law of Attraction

LEARN a powerful technique to FAST TRACK your way to success and riches

These teachings cannot be learned anywhere else in the world because the elites have never allowed it until now. The only reason it is accessible to you today is because society has conditioned most people to be so deaf and blind to the truth that most will automatically turn away from anyone willing to challenge the status quo.

If you want better, YOU must become better because you can only do from what you know.

If you’re waiting for some magical force to part the skies and deliver you a great fortune without any effort on your part, you’re deluding yourself and you are not ready to learn this top secret ancient knowledge.

For so long you’ve been asking and praying for an answer to your problems. Well, here it is.

You’vegot your life and the lives of your loved ones in your hands, but no one is going to make this decision for you. This is the rite of passage for anyone seeking their destiny.

YOU must EARN your right to have success by first making the CHOICE to walk in its direction.

“Success is like an automatic door, it is built to sense motion. Walk toward itanditopens, otherwise it remains closed.” Thought Mechanics®

Is it possible that this course won’t work for you? Yes.

BUT is it also possible that this program will change the course of your life forever and lead you down the path of success? YES!

So which will you choose?

Play the game as if you’ve already lost and save a few bucks and remain exactly where you are?

Pay the game like you know you’ll win and see firsthand how deep the rabbit hole goes?

MAKE THE CHOICE before the door closes on you forever…