MasterMind LIVE - Beverly Hills Video Preview

MasterMind LIVE – Beverly Hills

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— 5 PM
— Limited Seating (Jonathan’s private event priced at $8k per ticket sold out in one week so we strongly encourage you to book your tickets now before they’re gone)

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In the short time since Jonathan was thrust into the public light after serving as a private mentor to the rich and famous, his teachings have circumnavigated the globe and drastically improved the lives of people from all backgrounds and beliefs.

Thought Mechanics® is hands-down the most revolutionary mind-mastery education system available in the world today with students paying over $6,000 per hour for private mentorship.

Those who follow the work of this inspiring but elusive guru know that he has only given two public appearances in the last two years, only one of which was in the United States.

This is your chance to sit down with the man behind the success of so many entrepreneurs and prominent figures in society, ask him your questions, and experience his life-changing wisdom.

Do not miss this opportunity, there may not be another.