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Meditation 101

PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend that you watch this course together with Advanced Age-Reversal & Nutrition, Advanced Thought Control and Science of Sex, Intimacy & Relationships for optimum results!

If you’re new to Thought Mechanics® and are looking for a great place to start learning these life-changing teachings, then we suggest that you first check out Manifestation 101. It will allow you to better absorb the sacred knowledge contained within this video program and the rest of the multi-course series.




In case you haven’t heard, meditation isn’t just for robed men in the mountains of Tibet anymore, everyone from stay-at-home moms to Fortune 500 CEOs are utilizing this beneficial ancient practice.

But if everyone is utilizing meditation then that must mean that everyone is teaching it, so why should you watch this course?

Because they are teaching it all WRONG!

It seems these days that every yoga practitioner or spiritual enthusiast is suddenly a meditation guru, and that has unfortunately misled many people into thinking that they are receiving an adequate education into these Eastern practices simply because they can regurgitate what they read or learned from someone else.

This is not a field where you can attend a few courses, answer a few multiple-choice questions and suddenly you’re certified to teach. Proficiency in meditation is something that must be earned through personal experience in order to fully understand what cannot be explained with words alone. And in order to teach it, your experience must span decades of demonstrable mastery in the realms of thought and physical adeptness.

For this reason, people from all over the world including some of the most wealthy and influential individuals have turned to Jonathan Amaret as their guru of choice when it comes to mind-mastery.

Anyone can claim that their experience with energy work spans years and even decades, but few of them, if any, have proof to show for their efforts. Over the years, Jonathan has gained popularity for his extraordinary feats such as his superhuman strength demonstrations and his mindblowing age-reversal.

Beyond his physical demonstrations, Jonathan has proven himself an adept in the worlds of science and spiritualism with his practical philosophical approaches having already helped to change the lives of countless individuals around the world and bridge the gap between religion, science and spirituality.

No other living guru in the world has been able to accomplish all of this or possess such an amalgamation of expertise.

But don’t let his youthful appearance fool you. In fact, let it serve as proof that what he teaches is the real deal and should not be taken for granted if what you seek is to become the greatest version of yourself.

All around us is energy. Our bodies are made of it and science has proven this as fact. We are living batteries that absorb, hold and emit electromagnetic/light energy which is one of the four forces of the Universe. This force makes up everything in existence, everything you can see and everything you cannot. From every subatomic particle in your body to every particle outside of it, everything is electromagnetic energy (light).

The second major force in the Universe is GRAVITY and it is the only force that can affect electromagnetic frequency. Gravity is the only thing that can attract, trap and distort light. Now this is a pretty compelling fact to remember when you consider that everything we think of as being solid matter is actually made up of the very light energy that gravity can bend.

But do not misunderstand the type of gravity we’re referring to. We do not speak of the gravity that holds you to the ground because that would be like comparing electricity to the electric feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you meet that special someone. One energy is a more crystalline form of the other, sort of like comparing an infant to an adult. Neither looks very similar to the other but they are both human.

So why is any of this important to meditation?

The answer is simple, the MIND.

As quantum physics and noetics have proven, thoughts produce gravity. And the mind produces thoughts. Are you beginning to see the correlation? (More on this in Manifestation 101 and Attracting Wealth).

This gravity is constantly attracting and distorting the electromagnetic energy in and around you. And now you can begin to understand why the wise say that your thoughts create your reality because they literally DO!

The human mind produces a new thought roughly every six seconds. People with ADD/ADHD produce new thoughts about every 4 seconds. Now think about how many thoughts have popped into your mind since you began reading this description? Lots and lots of thoughts and each them is producing gravity and that gravity is attracting and distorting your current reality.

So it would seem that if you begin to think about or visualize the things that you want in your life that they would essentially be attracted to you faster right? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!

The reason for this is that we actually spend more time thinking about what we DON’T WANT rather than on the things that we do. Why else do you think that the people we dislike have such a hold over our lives and the people who are kindest to us we often take for granted?

Everything in and around you is creating noise like a runaway orchestra without a conductor. Your friends, loved ones, lovers, enemies, work, vacations, partying, shopping, cars and homes, all of these things are noise.

The Universe/God whispers the answers to our gut and heart. But most of us have become so used to all of the noise around us that we’ve forgotten how to listen. We’ve lost our ability to recognize the subtleties and nuances of life and yet complain about a lack of opportunities in our lives. Keep turning up the volume on anything and you’ll eventually hear nothing.

That is why meditation is so crucial to your overall wellness and prosperity. Because when you’re able to silence the mind, you can see things more clearly and make better decisions. You can keep from becoming anxious or stressed which in turn inspires others to remain peaceful and receptive to you.

The highest and most coveted form of mental yoga is thoughtless or transcendental meditation, and very few people in the world are qualified to teach it. Jonathan is one of them. It requires time-honored ancient techniques in order to calm the mind until it eventually becomes thought-less. With a lack of thoughts being produced, there is also a lack of gravity, and with a lack of gravity to distort and trap light, electromagnetic frequency is free to flow in whatever directions it needs to.

THIS is what allows manifestation to take place faster, because the biggest obstacle standing in the way of the Universe manifesting what you desire is YOUR MIND.

As we stated previously, the body is a living battery and like all batteries, it eventually loses its electrical charge. And when this happens, illness begins to appear until all of the charge is spent which leads to death. This is why children have so much energy, they’re starting life with a full charge.

So where does this electrical charge come from? All around you!

The issue is that you’re NOT absorbing enough electromagnetic energy into your body because of the barrier formed by the gravity of your erratic thoughts. And that is also why we meditate, in order to pull in this energy and recharge our batteryin order to remain healthier and younger for longer.

Even modern science has begun to recognize the amazing benefits of meditation, but without a shadow of a doubt, none more miraculous than thoughtless meditation because of the fact that where there isan absence of gravity, life isfree to flow and do what it knows how to do best, THRIVE!

The body answers to the mind just as a car answers to the driver. A weak or inexperienced driver is a danger to himself and others even if they are behind the wheel of the safest car. This is also why we meditate, to give the driver the clarity of mind necessary to make better decisions on the road of life.

“The Mind is King,” you will often hear the most successful people say, and unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day to describe all of the ways that this is true. But the great part is that you don’t have to go about searching the world for the right meditative technique that will change your life forever. It’s right here in front of you.

There is a secret paradise, a Garden of Eden within your mind and you don’t have to wait until you’re dead in order to experience it. You can go there today, right now, and have the peace you’ve always wanted. To be closer to the Source than ever before and unlock all that God has in store for your life.


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