Age Reversal

& Nutrition

Advanced Manifestation · Avg. time: 21h · Students: 7.239
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Statistical data confirms that the vast majority of men and women are more unhealthy today than ever before. Medical science has proven that sickness has an electromagnetic frequency that is very low and travels long distances and the body is a super conductor of electromagnetic energy. When researchers measured and illustrated this frequency, the vibration of sickness appeared to be red on the color spectrum which meant that it was acidic on a pH scale. This frequency of acidity affects the aging process and can lead to various health issues as shown by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg who proved that cancer cells can only survive in hypoxic, low-oxygen, acidic environments.

To eliminate acidity from the body and reverse the effects of premature aging, the School of Thought Mechanics created this advanced course in nutrition in order to raise the alkalinity of your body through proper diet, exercise and stress reducing techniques. Only when the frequency of body is alkaline can age-reversal begin to take effect.

  • Discover how the process of aging really works and how your body can prevent it
  • Maximize optimal energy in the body through proper nutrition protocols
  • Raise your awareness about substances that are destroying your health
  • Learn how to reprogram your subliminal mind to keep stress from prematurely aging your body
  • Learn exercises that can help you to eliminate wrinkles in minutes
“Age is not measured by the appearance of wrinkles or the quickening of years, but by the abandoning of ideals.” -Thought Mechanics