Science of Sex

Advanced Manifestation · Avg. time: 21h · Students: 7.239
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Must pass requirements of this course to complete Level 1

Look a little closer at the world around you. The energy of Sex is the most powerful tool you possess that directly affects your physical reality. This course researches sexual energy and technology used to create a direct pathway for rapid manifestation into the material world. Jonathan goes further in explaining how to use sexual energy correctly so it does not squander your life force and your success. The Science Of Sex, Intimacy, and Relationships allows you to explore a world of opportunities on levels you never knew existed.

In this course you will explore how to:

  • Make yourself energetically and physically more attractive.
  • Extend your natural lifespan and heighten your sexual experiences.
  • Protect yourself from outside influences, which can manipulate you through sexual energy.
  • Redirect your sexual energy to attract the love of your life.
“Sexual energy is the tool that allows us to change the very matrix of reality itself. Our world and everything in it is built around one question, ‘is it sexy?’ Even yogis, monks and priests are not immune from the having to learn how to channel sexual energy to improve the quality of their lives.” -Jonathan Amaret