The Science of Sex, Intimacy & Relationships Video Preview

The Science of Sex, Intimacy & Relationships

PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend that you watch this course together with Science of Intention, Advanced Age-Reversal & Nutrition and Advanced Thought Control for optimum results.

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Look around you. Everything you see was built on sexual energy. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the home you live in, the vacations you take, the places you frequent, the careers you choose, the lifestyles you seek and even the lovers you endear, all of them were consciously or unconsciously chosen with one question in mind, “is it SEXY?”

Sex is the most powerful tool you possess for literally rewriting the code of the electromagnetic matrix that makes up the fabric of reality itself. In fact, how else do you think you came to be on this Earth?

Indeed sex is akin to fire, the spark of a new beginning, the power of creation itself. That’s why passionate people are said to be fiery and creative people like writers, artists and inventors are known to be volatile.

Sexual energy can inspire revolutions like the Mona Lisa did during the Renaissance or it can endear the world’s heart like Princess Diana of Spencer did during her brief but notable life.

But just as sex has the power to create, it also has the power to destroy like a purifying fire, especially when left uncontrolled.

Empires have been brought to their knees because of people’s inability to control the sexual energy within them like Paris & Helen of Troy, Julius Caesar & Cleopatra, Pope Alexander VI & Giulia Farnese, King Edward VIII & Wallis Simpson, President Clinton & Monica Lewinsky and Tiger Woods & his ex-wife.

And for those of you who think that just because you’re not currently sexually active that the laws of sexual energy do not apply to you, YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN!

There is no escaping it, even if you’re a monk or a priest (nothing further needs to be said about the latter of these two).

Sex is everywhere from Elvis’ pelvic thrust to Rihanna’s racy outfits. It’s in the design of your iPhone, your laptop, your water bottle, the touch of a loved one and the flirtatious look you give to a stranger. You may not be able to see this energy, but you most certainly can FEEL IT.

The same is true of microwave or radio-wave radiation. You may not be able to see the waves, but they are definitely present and harming your body.

Why else do you think that you feel butterflies in your stomach or get weak in the knees when you lock eyes with that special someone? The energy of sex is very very VERY palpable and there are a million instances we can call upon to prove this as fact.

So when an energy this intangible has the power to weaken you so tangibly, you better damn well learn how to use it or you will always end up its victim. Period.

Some people are more sensitive to this energy than others, we call these folks the lovers or artists in society. Is it any wonder artist celebrities change lovers as quickly as they do hairstyles? But this oversensitivity comes with a heavy price because usually these types of people are known to be the most undisciplined, illogical and irresponsible individuals among us. That’s why you will always see celebrity artists in and out of rehab, running into trouble with the law and squandering away their entire fortunes.

Sex is a hell of thing to try to wrangle if you don’t know what it is and how it really works on a fundamental level.

So what if you’re not one of these lover/artist types, does that mean that you are immune from the obstacles of this overwhelming energy. NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

In fact, you have the opposite problems in that you are seen as too cold, apathetic, uninteresting, boring and unoriginal. You maybe more calculating, practical and sound of judgment but you also lack the universal appeal that endears you to others and allows you to actually create something new. Why? Because you like the fire and therefore you are too far removed from the power of creation, namely SEX.

But before you start trying to make-love to everyone you encounter, know that the energy we speak is much greater than just the one of physical copulation. The energy we speak of is present and available to you even if you never have a single sexual partner for as long as you live. Itis your birthright, your inheritance and the most powerful gift that you possess.

Sexual energy is literally what we call life-force energy oras Eastern philosophy refers to it, Chi. In fact, Eastern philosophy refers to the moving of this sexual orchi energy as tantra, which we in the West have come to reference with tantric sex, the art of purposeful sexual activity.

In the ancient world, sex was used as a way to open portals of energy in order to offer a direct pathway for things to manifest into the material world more quickly. This is why sex was always viewed with reverence and never done carelessly or outside of a bonded and loving relationship between two people because of the severe consequences it had. It allowed an energetic pathway for new life to enter the womb of the woman and give life to another being.

The overall energetic frequency of a sexual act depends entirely on the intentions behind the activity. When positive, it attracts all that vibrates equally to that energetic frequency. When negative, it attracts all that is dense in vibration and that is where problems arise because open portals of energy are exactly that, open doorways for any foreign energies to inhabit our minds and bodies.

Those who would abuse this power and engaged in illicit sexual activity would often end up suffering from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and various other mental and emotional illnesses, not to mention sexually transmitted diseases. Infact, a majority of the victims who are said to suffer from demonic possession also have some history of engaging in sexual deviance or suffering from physical/sexual abuse. Statistically, the group most prone to suicide also happens to be the group most identified with the greatest frequency ofmasturbation, teenage boys.

It was known throughout the ancient world that the more sexual energy a man expelled or lost through ejaculation, the shorter his lifespan would be and the more susceptible to illness he became, even mental illness. This is also why women tend to live longer, because they do not lose chi energy like men do during orgasm. But this also presents a challenge for women who seek to usesexual energy in order to manifest their desires.

All of this ancient wisdom may seem far fetched but science is just now beginning to discover the correlation with sex and disorders of the mind and body.

But do not mistaken the truth, SEX IS NOT BAD and should be enjoyed. But like most things in life, it’s how you go about it that determines your outcome. Even masturbation can affect your level of success.

The longer you negate the existence or importance of sexual energy in your life, the longer you will go without being able to take back control of your life once and for all.

So how can you learn to harness this great power so that you can use it to create the life that you truly want today?

The answer is THOUGHT MECHANICS and the course is the Science of Sex, Intimacy & Relationships.

Make no mistake, this program will not teach you to become a monk nor does it presume that you wish to live a life of celibacy or isolation. That would be boring, narrow-minded, presumptuous, naive, impractical and unnecessary to someone who lives in the modern world. It also does not teach deviance or anything else of the sort.

This course is revolutionary because it was specifically designed to teach you how to have the best of BOTH worlds, the spiritual and the physical, and to enjoy yourself in the healthiest way possible.

It takes some of the most ancient teachings never before revealed to the public and helps you to apply them in practical ways in order to significantly improve your daily life and move you closer toward your dreams and to God/Universe!


HOW to understand sexual energy and its purpose

HOW to generate more life-energy (chi)

HOW to retain more life-energy

HOW to use sexual energy to restore your YOUTH and VITALITY

HOW to recycle your sexual energy to keep you healthy and fit

HOW to keep others from stealing away your sexual energy

HOW to keep outside influences from manipulating you through sexual energy

HOW to BREAK FREE from and balance your uncontrollable sexual desires

HOW to use sexual energy to achieve WEALTH faster

HOW to redirect sexual energy to attract the love of your life

HOW to make yourself more energetically and physically ATTRACTIVE

HOW to extend your natural LIFESPAN •HOW to heighten your SEXUAL EXPERIENCES

HOW to strengthen the energetic bond between you and your lover


You didn’t think twice about having sex with someone you knew you probably shouldn’t have, so why waste time in getting this course?

What you DON’T KNOW about sex is literally killing you and your dreams.

Now, what are you going to do about it???