How Real Manifestation & Law Of Attraction Changed Me

How Real Manifestation & Law Of Attraction Changed Me

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably had your fill of law of attraction or self-help gurus
constantly trying to proselytize to you that their method is the best for achieving what you want in life. Whether it’s Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill or Abraham Hicks, it seems there are so many voices out there trying to sell you on their brand that it’s become increasingly difficult to hear your own voice within. Ironically, when I think about how long these gurus have been around and how many millions of people have followed their teachings and the mega fortunes they have personally made in the process, it’s mystifying as to why more people aren’t successful today.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that I have been a follower of all of these gurus and spent a great deal of time learning their teachings, all of which I found inspiring and strikingly similar. Yet despite everything I’ve learned, I still felt that I lacked the basic foundation for how law of attraction actually works on a more scientific level, which leaves nothing to interpretation or error. For as great as each of these gurus are, they have, in essence, reached prominence by sharing their personal story of how they were able to become successful using the law of attraction. However, none of them really seem to have a deeper or philosophical understanding of the principles that govern the actual law that has made them successful.

They have great personal insights on what they believe is the correct method for using the law of attraction or what works for them, but after listening to all of their recommendations and using visualization boards, breathing techniques, positive affirmations and walking on burning coals, I can honestly say that you can’t simply think and grow rich. This is where my arithmetical mind lost the thread, because it seems that whatever Robbins, Proctor, Hill or Hicks did to become successful is not a one-size-fits-all and hasn’t worked for the majority of people despite each guru’s increased popularity.

Surely there had to be a more straightforward method or formula to solving the equation of the law of attraction that could guarantee success in all things just as sure as there is only one way to grow an apple tree: plant an apple seed in fertile soil then add water, sunshine and a little patience and watch it grow. Science and math are exactly what has been missing from the rhetoric surrounding the law of attraction and yet no one thought to demand it from all of the gurus who have made fortunes off of teaching it.

Earlier in 2017, I got a call from one of my colleagues who suggested that I look at the work of a particular law of attraction leader named Jonathan Amaret who founded the world’s leading online mind-mastery school, which boasts over 1,600 testimonials on their website. Needless to say, I was not enthusiastic about looking into anyone associated with the law of attraction regardless of the fact that he’s been awarded by NASA and the President of the United States and endorsed by the royals. I mean how great can the guy be if I hadn’t even heard of his name? I had my fill of these guru types and in all honesty was beginning to doubt the validity of such a thing as a secret to attracting success.

According to my colleague, Jonathan was supposed to be different because he happened to be a mentor to the mega-rich and famous like billionaires, Academy Award winners and the royals. Already I was thinking to myself that this was too good to be true and then I took one look at the man’s photo and nearly laughed myself out of my chair when I saw this teenager standing there. My laughter quickly subsided when I realized that this teenager was more than a decade older than me and I’m in my mid-twenties. Then something strange happened within me and I suddenly felt compelled to distrust this man having only just known about him, not because he had done anything wrong but because he had done everything right. He was too good to be true.

Then it hit me, the very thing that had been holding me back all along, I was unconsciously sabotaging myself by opposing anything that seemed “too good” from coming into my life and helping me. All along, I had believed that I was operating on a frequency of abundance where nothing could ever be “too good to be true” because I was worthy of the best. I was wrong, I was operating on a frequency of fear, and that realization made me sick to my stomach. I looked back at all of the decisions I had made in my life and saw the same pattern of negativity and aversion to anything that was positive. This was true even in my romantic relationships. If the guy seemed “too good to be true,” I pushed him away. No wonder I ended up with jerks.
Secretly, I think I wanted the school of Thought Mechanics to not be the answer because of the one word I had skirted my whole life, accountability. In that moment, I would rather have been proven right about Jonathan being a fake than be proven wrong about him and be forced to accept responsibility for my life. I was my own Judas. I began to think about all of the people who commit this same atrocity against themselves every day and then blame the Universe for not living an ideal life. Then I remembered seeing a New York Times Bestselling book on nutrition and fitness at Barnes & Noble authored by Dr. Phil McGraw, a man who is obviously overweight.

Why has society continued to make heroes out of charlatans and villains out of masters? And why is it that those people who have had our best interests at heart are only honored and loved long after they’re gone? I cannot describe how life-changing this realization was for me and I had Jonathan to thank for it because he had indirectly brought it to light by simply being himself.
Already he was teaching me about myself and I hadn’t even watched any of his content. I
needed to give this man and his teachings a chance especially because I was the one needing the help, not him. I felt very strongly that I owed him at least that much, not only because of the awakening he had inspired within me but because he was a human being and we all deserve the benefit of the doubt. Besides, the most successful people in the world claim to use the law of attraction so who am I to think it can’t work for me?

Like so many people out there, I have always wanted to know what the elite know about the world that makes them such captains of industry and here was a man said to be a mentor to many of them. Was that a coincidence? I was now on a mission to find out. I spent the next seven days watching everything Jonathan has online, from his YouTube videos to his social media posts and even his free forty-minute training course on his website. I started off with a pen and paper and the intent to dissect every word, but after about thirty minutes, I forgot all about my notes because what he was saying resonated so strongly within me that I found myself shedding tears of joy at what I had discovered, the answers to life.

If you are like me then you probably read that last sentence and immediately psychoanalyzed it or downplayed it because a part of you secretly doesn’t want Jonathan or any mortal being to have these answers. You feel that only God or Christ can offer such insight despite the fact that most of us still rely on mere men to interpret the word of God on earth (pastors, priests, popes, prophets, etc). Yet if I can make one suggestion, from one sceptic to another, don’t be the guy on the roof of a home deluged by floods who calls up to God to save him but then rejects the help of people in canoes, rafts and helicopters. We all must learn to see God in all things and in all people and remember that God works his miracles and teaches his lessons through all of us.
If my mentioning of God surprises you, believe me when I say that I am the most surprised of all because until I watched Jonathan’s videos, I had not spoken of God for years. Through his mind mastery teachings, he helped to rebuild my faith in the Higher Power by bridging science, religion and spirituality in a way I had never experienced, and for that I am eternally grateful. I finally decided to make the big move and buy Jonathan’s Beginner’s Manifestation bundle which includes both the Manifestation 101 and Science of Intention courses. I didn’t really have the money but after watching one of his free webinars online, I decided that if I want something badly enough, I must make the extra effort to obtain it because if I want to make more, I have to learn more.

So I babysat my two nieces for about a week to make the extra cash. I was worth it. I WAS SO WORTH IT. The courses shattered my paradigm and reality in ways no other teachings have before. After buying his courses, I was inducted into the Thought Mechanics family, a Members Only Facebook community of successful and like-minded individuals who enjoy access to daily exclusive content provided by Jonathan including the opportunity to ask him direct questions during his weekly live webinars. For as rich and busy as this man is, I was beside myself at how much he strives to make himself available to help his students. In addition, I’ve met many other community members who have been students of Thought Mechanics for years who have completely transformed their lives because of it. Some have even gone from being homeless to multiple six-figure and even seven-figure earners while others have been able to finally get healthy, improve focus, nail their dream job, find their calling, strike it big at the casino, heal emotional traumas, repair relationships, walk away from suicide and even find true love.

My biggest takeaway thus far is the fact that I’ve found my faith again and everything has changed for the better since that day. I’ve had two big job opportunities abroad and earned more than I ever had before. My mind is clearer and my heart feels lighter than it has in almost two decades. I smile more now and have finally rid myself of negative friends and my smoking habit. Even my mom has come back into my life after a being estranged for a while and we are in the process of healing our relationship. None of this would have been possible without Jonathan Amaret and the school of Thought Mechanics and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for making it possible for me to finally find the power within myself to live a faithful and prosperous life. Ironically, looking back now, I cannot imagine a life without these teachings and it’s scary to think that my ego nearly kept me from them. As Jonathan says, “you have to want
success more than you fear failure,” and for the first time in my life, I do.

I came into this not wanting Thought Mechanics to work and in the end I found everything I was searching for and much more. And isn’t that the beauty of life? The answers lie in the one place we never care to look.


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