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Manifestation 101

The key to deciphering manifestation lies right in front of you. Yet, many teachings about manifestation and/or the law of attraction that we mostly come across, do little else than distort the truth of reality.

Jesse Faulhaber

I’ve been losing money the last few weeks because I stopped using your teachings. Watched your manifestation video yesterday and today already made $4,000 profit.

Attracting Wealth

Ever wonder how billionaires got to be where they are? This course was specifically created for our billionaire private students and is now available to the public for the first time.

Heather Casillas

Thanks to Sir Jonathan and specifically the Attracting Wealth Course I was given an 8,000 raise and a $6,900 bonus for Christmas!

Mind Mastery School

Welcome to the School of Thought Mechanics®. Our mission is to provide you with a new and improved way to develop your cognitive learning ability. Our techniques and course curriculum help reduce stress, improve memory, sleep and focus, which in turn directly affects your financial, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


We achieve this in three fundamental ways:

By bridging the gap between religion, science and spiritualism in order to strengthen the individual’s personal faith in a higher power, knowledge of the world and inner wisdom.

By increasing the individual’s awareness and understanding of energy-frequency and its practical applications in our material reality.

By teaching mind-mastery techniques never before revealed to the public that enable the individual to overcome any previous limitations both internal and external.

By addressing these three basic principles, every individual can be taught to achieve their goals no matter how grand, and by learning more about themselves, they will be better prepared to face any obstacle in life and love others with grace.

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School of Thought Mechanics

HRH Princess Sirene Harakawa

Amasu Omawa III

In today’s society, there are few scholars whose wisdom transcends age, gender, ethnicity, occupation and status. Sir Jonathan is one such scholar. He has guided me through many challenges over the years and has done the same for many others around the world. He is one of only a handful of people whom I trust and can turn to for guidance, and I am truly grateful to know him as a friend and teacher.

Beverly Kearney

Six-Time NCAA Track & Field Coach for the University of Texas

Sir Jonathan, you are amazing! No matter where a person is in their life, through your program I’ve seen some amazing transformations. It’s inspired me and opened my mind to all of the possibilities…and more than anything else, it opened me up to see greater into the power that I possess and all that I can help others accomplish in life.

HIRH Prince Basilio Cali

Grand Master of the Knights

of Malta

As Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, it has been my mission to uphold our knightly tradition of promoting excellence, decency and altruism throughout the world. Sir Jonathan Amaret is one such individual who exemplifies this tradition with his tireless efforts to improve the lives of others through the School of Thought Mechanics and we are pleased with his induction into our Order.

Phil Goldfine

Academy Award & Emmy Winning Producer

I’ve been using the School of Thought Mechanics for a year and look and feel younger than ever! Literally, people now think that my old pics are of my dad!

Richard Buettner


I’m so happy to have met Jonathan at that time when I was €5,000 in debt about 2 years and 4 months ago. He helped me clear my mind to focus on what I want, blocking out my doubts and helping me to control my fears.

I got personally mentored by him when I was broke and in debt, and in less than a year I hit 6-figures. I continued to follow his guidance and teachings when I broke through to multiple 6-figures and then a 7-figure income this year. Because of his knowledge, I have helped hundreds of people to achieve the same level of success.

Caroline Limburg

International Airline Pilot

I am a fully licensed international airline pilot, a mother, wife and friend. Even though I am living a wonderful life, I always wanted but never was able to achieve complete financial freedom and independence. 

Because of Thought Mechanics, everything concerning my career has become easier. I have also been able to create a business of my own in culinary arts doing what I absolutely love. Thank you Sir Jonathan Amaret for doing what you are doing. 
You have created value and you keep on doing it for us every day! I am experiencing so many new and amazing things. It feels like whatever I am asking for it is granted in an instance. I will keep on doing what I am doing.

Cynthia Bryganti

#1 Enagic Distributor Worldwide

Jonathan’s ancient teachings have helped to make me a multi-millionaire and the top-earner of the Enagic company with a team of 850,000+ distributors in my network worldwide. I am happier now than ever.

I travel to Vegas with his teachings and always come back at least 70k richer! This is the power of what he teaches and it applies to every aspect of life. When you know how electricity works, you can work with it. Thought Mechanics™ teaches you how the Universe works so you can make it work for you.

These Are Just A Few Of Our 2000+ Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our students say about the most powerful and revolutionary mind-mastery school available in the world today.


Your entire existence is about to change in a way that will open you up to a life you could’ve only imagined.


Thought Mechanics® is both a school and a gym for the MIND, the greatest muscle of all.


Read our 2000+ testimonials thus far to find out how Thought Mechanics has helped others just like you.

HRH Princess Sirene Harakawa

Amasu Omawa III

Richard Buettner

Six-Figure Earner in Direct Sales

Philip Goldfine

Oscar-winning Producer

Cynthia Briganti

#1 Income Earner in Enagic Worldwide

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Thought Mechanics is devoted to develop leaders in levels of Self-Mastery, so they can make a difference globally today. This Premier Mind-Mastery School has impacted over 20,000 lives around the world, and influenced communities in Science, Medicine, Business, Law, Government, Celebrity, and even Royalty. The School Of Thought Mechanics is the only institution of higher cognitive education in the world and is committed to the Mastery of the Core Disciplines.


With continuous dedication to excellence, Thought Mechanics offers unparalleled experiences across a spectrum of lessons to awaken the power within the Self. Discover the most advanced mind-mastery techniques in the world, as these techniques – unavailable in any other library, institution or platform – are being revealed to mass society for the first time in history. 

Author and NASA Scholar Jonathan Amaret was entrusted to bring Thought Mechanics to the world in order to accelerate the Self-Realization process for those who are interested. Our commitment to you is to give you an opportunity to increase your cognitive ability to such a degree that you can accomplish any goal in your life, while bringing the most peace to you from within, so you can not only have but also enjoy all of your accomplishments.


As you begin to explore beyond the limitations that were built upon your life, you will see the truth of what you really are, and the possibilities of all that you can be. Are you ready to discover for yourself?